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Definition: Ancraophobia

What is Ancraophobia?

Ancraophobia is the fear of wind.

What is ancraophobia also known as?

Ancraophobia can also be known as:

Where Does Ancraophobia Come From?

Ancraophobia, just like most phobias, come from an subconscious 'overprotection' mechanism. The fear of wind is caused by the mind over-estimating the danger caused by wind, believing that wind presents an actual threat, where in reality it may not.

Ancraophobia can often caused by the 'thoughts' that a person has about things. These thoughts can quickly get caught up in a 'spiral', and when this happens it can bring about a lot of anxiety and stress for the person.

Can Ancraophobia Be Treated?

Yes, ancraophobia, just like any other phobia, can be treated. Ancraophobia responds well to interventions such as hypnotherapy, as well as a more cognitive approach.

This can be done as either self-help, or via one-to-one help with a therapist trained in helping with phobias such as this.

Improving problems can be relatively straightforward, when you know what to do

You might be relieved to know that there are a few things that issues like these tend to have in common. They are often to do with the way you think about the problem, and while they can be relatively straightforward to change when you know what they are, they can be difficult to spot if you don't.

Our self-help programme

The Avon HypnoCognition® Programme has been designed to help with issues like this.

We've helped lots of people over the years to see what's behind their problems, and we can help you to do this too. We can show you how to recognise these things for yourself, and we've put all this info into a self-help programme.

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